You know what’s so rad about Instagram Stories? People are watching them to get to know YOU!

They want to know what you love, what your day is like, and what you’re up to! Because YOU are awesome.

Sure your audience is interested in what you do, but people are really looking to connect. And when you share little things throughout your day it makes you human and relatable.

Ready to create stories that truly help you connect with your audience?! Here are 10 ideas!

1️) Your To-Do List: Snap a photo of your workspace and type out your tasks for the day.

2️) Your Morning Routine: Show your morning coffee, breakfast, journal, etc. And make it fun with a Boomerang or Superzoom!

3️) Share Your Post: Did you post content to your feed? Tap the arrow underneath the post and tap “Add Post To Your Story” to bring more eyes to your post.

4️) Share Someone Else’s Post: See a post you really like and think your audience will enjoy? Share it to your story!

5️) Local Biz Shout Out: Have a favorite coffee shop, happy hour spot, or smoothie place? Pay them a visit and create a quick story to show what you love about it & tag them! They may even share it.

6️) Where You Shop: Are you a Costco fan? Trader Joes junkie? Amazon addict? Target Dollar Spot hunter? Share your favorite finds and favorite products!

7️) Story Templates: Create one for your followers or search Pinterest for a template! These are a great way to share fun facts about yourself and get others involved.

8️) Sneak Peek: Working on a freebie or prepping samples of your product? Show people what you’re working on!

9️) How To: Is your product handmade? Show how you make it or provide a tip on how to use it! Do you provide a service? Share your process!

10) Ask For Advice: Looking for help on a specific topic? Get your audience involved by using Polls/Questions.

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to create Highlights! When people explore your Instagram to get to know you better, make it easier by creating several highlights with your archived IG Stories.

The best part about stories is the possibilities are endless! How do you make your Instagram Stories fun and engaging?