I know cranking out consistent content ain’t easy, but when you give your audience what they want, creating content is way easier and (dare I say it) FUN! Plus, IG will reward you big time 😉⁣

Ready to start serving up valuable content your audience LOVES?!  ❤️ Here are FIVE steps to take to get crazy engagement:

STEP 1: BRAINSTORM CONTENT IDEAS 💡 Make a list of your clients/customers’ pain points & desires. Then take those & come up with a list of content ideas that would help your audience.⁣

STEP 2: MARKET RESEARCH 🔍 Instead of YOU choosing what content to share, ask your audience what they want to see! The easiest ways to do this is to use the Poll feature in Stories. (Ex: I asked if you wanted to see Algorithm Hacks or Content Pillars and you voted BIG time)⁣

STEP 3: WRITE YOUR POST 📝 Based on the results, get writing & be sure you start off with a strong headline. Words like “How To” and Numbers (“5 Ways To…”) perform really well.⁣

STEP 4: NICHE HASHTAGS #️⃣ Use 10-20 niche hashtags that apply to both the photo AND the topic of your post. Instagram is smart, so don’t get on its bad side by using hashtags that have nothing to do with your content.⁣

STEP 5: CALL TO ACTION 📣 Ask them to SAVE your post & ask a question at the end to encourage comments and conversations. (BONUS TIP: Always, always, ALWAYS respond to comments! 🗯 Instagram is a two-way street so be social.)⁣

I hope this is helpful and has you stoked to write content and get those numbers all the way up 📈🙌🏼⁣

And now let’s bring your audience the heat 🌶 What value are you bringing your audience this week?!


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