Shannon grew up in Arlington, Virginia where her love for photography and videography started at a very young age. Once in high school, she enrolled in a television production class and later went on to study media and journalism at Virginia Tech. Upon graduation, she moved to Atlanta, GA to work at CNN Headquarters. She eventually moved back home to DC and took on a marketing position which later morphed into a social media management role. Shannon was able to write again, be creative, and turn her passion for social media into a career.

As social media became more important and critical for businesses, Shannon thought about starting her own company but never thought it would come to life. But after the birth of her daughter she decided to go for it, and Boutique Social DC was born! 

Shannon is passionate about helping small businesses build their brands through authentic social media strategies. When she’s not helping small biz owners kick butt on social media, Shannon is most likely exploring local coffee shops, happy hour-ing it up with friends, getting zen at yoga, getting her church worship on, or having spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen with her husband, daughter, and dog, Tux. 

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