A 4-week program designed to give you everything you need to create the Social Media Management business of your dreams without the burnout and overwhelm. 


Week 1 | Day 1: Discovering Your Dream Clients

Tired of hearing that you need to niche down because *awkward smile* you don’t actually know what your niche should be? Get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief and find out which kind of clients will help you be profitable and efficient.


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Ideal Client Worksheet

Week 1 | Day 2: Clear Magnetic Messaging

If you want to be a magnet for your dream clients, then you need to learn the art of storytelling and create a clear, captivating bio that will hook ‘em in. Plus, you’ll learn how to begin establishing your personal brand so that you stand out to your audience. 


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Bio Worksheet

Week 1 | Day 3: Money Making Offerings

Learn the art of creating offerings and packages that help your clients solve their problems and speak directly to them, but that also match up to your experience and what you WANT to do. Also, learn the art of simplicity when it comes to this (i.e. not overwhelming people with all the options).


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Packaging Workbook

Week 1 | Day 4: Money Making Offerings Part II

If you want to have your business working even when you don’t, you need to set things up so you can generate revenue without being glued to your phone. Learn all about passive income, resources, and “secret menu” ideas to help you make money in your sleep!


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Services One Sheet {Customizable Canva Template}

“Gateway” Offerings (Passive Income Ideas)